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The Japanese swords are custom made and hand forged in the a traditional Japanese charcoal forge from 1084 or 1086 M carbon steel. The blades are also heat treated in the traditional way with full temper lines (Hamon)

Once the blades are forged they are normalized then the out line shape is scraped in the traditional way using a Sin (draw knife)

next filled ,then the blade is clay coated and heated in the forge to the correct temperature and then cooled for hardening ,then drawn to take out some of the hardness (tempered).

The blades then are ground, sharpened and tested to cut ( all blades made in the Japanese style are made to cut )

Then the blades are finished polished and fitted with the copper collar (Habaki)

I can custom make all the fittings or purchase them from a supplier. This includes the guard, collars, caps and lace in silk or cotton.

I also make the Naganata and yari blades. Your style or mine.

Blade Pricing
Blade Type Price
Blade only with Habaki $45.00 / Inch
Completed Sword with Fittings $55.00 / Inch

stoned 2000 grit finish and can go up for the full polish!

These prices are for the length of the blade.
There is no charge on the tang.
There is no charge on the tang.

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Katana-with-navy-blue-Tsuka-2012-003s.jpg Japanese Sword 1 Japanese sword2 Katana26inch
Katana japanesesword Japanese Sword2 Japanese Sword 3 SwordBridge1
Japanese2 Tanto1 Yari Blade1 Japanese3h
Japanese2 Katana-with-navy-blue-Tsuka-2012-013s.jpg Yari Blade1 Japanese3h

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