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All the Roman sword blades and spear heads are made from 5160 tool steel. All styles of blades and spears are done in a western style forge heated with coal that comes from South Arkansas.

Depending on the style and size of the sword, the blades begin from a bar of 5160 tool steel that is oversized by as much as 1/4" depth and 2 and 3/4" width along with the correct length for the blade. The outline of the blade is then drawn out (forged to shape) whether it is a Mainz, Pompeii, Gladeius or Hisspaniensis style. The blades are then forged further in order to shape the edges and the tangs. Once this is done, the blades are ground to size and checked for flaws and balance. If no flaws are found and the balance passes inspection the blades are then annealed, tempered and finished. They are either sharpened or left blunt for re-enactment. Mark then adds his signature. The finished blades are then shipped to the customer. If a customer wishes to have the sword completed by Mark, then he will custom make the handle before shipping the completed artwork out.

Note that these blades are made to be used in a combat style and are guaranteed to stand up to any use within reason. Most orders are shipped in 2 or 4 months depending on the work load.

Spear tips. These are also made from 5160 tool steel. The price includes the entire length as the sockets can be a time consuming process. With the Pila or Pilum styles, Mark will make the socket and blade styles any length or socket size. All are hand forged from 1018 hot roll bar stock. The cost of $10.00 for butt caps made from 16 gage sheet steel. All are guaranteed under normal parameters of use. Sockets will be made to the specifications of the customer. All are heat treated giving them the strength to punch holes in any weight of armor. Note that if you have a piece that you wish custom made: it can be made.

Roman era shield bosses. On the shield bosses Mark makes three styles. The outside dimensions have to be specified by the customer.

Complete riveted style pilums with ash wood and any length of pirimidcal block or tip.

Blade Pricing
Blade Type Price
Pompeii and straight blades $12.00 / Inch
Mainz and Fulham $13.00 / Inch
Hisspanis $14.00 / Inch
Pugios blade only starts at $100.00
Finished Pugios with the brass or steel grips starts at $300.00
Spear tips $10.00 / Inch
Socket Pilum & Full Tang Pilum $41.00 / Tip
Complete Pilum $200.00
Shield Bosses $40.00
Brass Bosses $75.00
These prices are for the length of the blade.
There is no charge on the tang.

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pilum-0615-1 pilum-0615-2 pilum-0615-3 pilum-0615-4 pilum-0615-5
pilum-0615-6 Roman-camp-knives-with-loop-sheath-012s.jpg 9-5-first-century-pugio 9-5-first-century-pugio
30-Inch-Roman-Spatha-001s.jpg 30-Inch-Roman-Spatha-002s.jpg 30-Inch-Roman-Spatha-009s.jpg 9-5-first-century-pugio 9-5-first-century-pugio
Roman-camp-tools-007s.jpg Roman-camp-tools-005s.jpg Roman-camp-tools-004s.jpg Roman-camp-tools-011s.jpg
Roman Cook Knife
Hollis-Spatha-grip-with-Damscus-blade-004.jpg Hollis-Spatha-grip-with-Damscus-blade-007s.jpg Luwin-Pugio-on-red-Drop-cloth-001s.jpg Luwin-Pugio-on-red-Drop-cloth-002s.jpg Luwin-Pugio-on-red-Drop-cloth-005s.jpg
winter-2013-072s.jpg winter-2013-087s.jpg winter-2013-088s.jpg winter-2013-089s.jpg
winter-2013-050s.jpg winter-2013-052s.jpg winter-2013-062s.jpg winter-2013-063s.jpg
Tac-Falcata-and-Mainz-grip-pugio-Simitar-015s.jpg Tac-Falcata-and-Mainz-grip-pugio-Simitar-016s.jpg 2010-Raised-rib-pugio-001S.jpg 2010-Raised-rib-pugio-004S.jpg
2010-Raised-rib-pugio-004S.jpg German-silver-Mainz-004S.jpg German-silver-Mainz-009S.jpg German-silver-Mainz-010S.jpg German-silver-Mainz-014S.jpg
New-Fulham--Mainz-and-Falx-May-2010-004S.jpg New-Fulham--Mainz-and-Falx-May-2010-007S.jpg New-Fulham--Mainz-and-Falx-May-2010-008S.jpg
Spartha-Katana-20-inch-Pompei-plain-sheath-011S.jpg Spartha-Katana-20-inch-Pompei-plain-sheath-014S.jpg
Roman2h Steel Case Pugio 9.5 Blade
Mainz-and-Pugio-032.jpg Mainz-and-Pugio-029.jpg Mainz-and-Pugio-006.jpg
Lane-sword-of-truth--2009-New-fulham-028.jpg Lane-sword-of-truth--2009-New-fulham-025.jpg Lane-sword-of-truth--2009-New-fulham-023.jpg Lane-sword-of-truth--2009-New-fulham-022.jpg
First-of-the-year-swords-071.jpg First-of-the-year-swords-069.jpg First-of-the-year-swords-068.jpg


2009-Pompei-sword-006.jpg 2009-Pompei-sword-003.jpg

Roman Sword 1

Fullered Puglio
Mainz complete
Bronze sword
October sword photos 027.JPG
Lee R sword Case fulram 20 inch Mainz
Diamond spaed pugio.jpg
Fulham blade 20 inch Roman.jpg
Spartha-movie-sword-rib-spears-031.jpg October sword photos 015.JPG Roman Camp knife 07.jpg
24Pompei Spartha-movie-sword-rib-spears-034.jpg

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